Do you work better when you are accountable to another person? Do you want a supportive partner, there to work through tough spots during the writing process and ensure you meet your goals? Would you like to brainstorm story ideas or plotting solutions? I’m here for you!

The most rewarding part of being an editor is the connections I build with authors. And no amount of emailing back and forth can match the face-to-face collaborations now possible through Zoom. I’ve been helping authors develop stories and navigate writing hurdles for fifteen years, and I’m excited to do the same for you!

Each coaching session is forty-five minutes long and includes a follow-up email. I will also read up to ten pages (12 pt. font, double-spaced) which should be sent at least forty-eight hours in advance of each session.


Story Genesis:

$200 USD / 2 sessions (used over 2 weeks)

Have a great novel in you but not sure where to start? With this package we will look at your story concepts and maybe even brainstorm a few new ones. I’ll put my experience and creative mind to work to help you come up with an exciting premise or choose the strongest of the pack. By the end of these sessions you will know your genre, premise, and main characters, and you’ll be ready to start character development and plotting.

Character Development:

$200 USD / 2 sessions (used over 2 weeks)

Make your characters come alive! Knowing your characters’ current situation is a great start. Now it’s time to make sure they’re compelling and believable. In these sessions we will delve into the characters’ backstories and establish up to three main characters’ goal and motivation, as well as the conflicts within them and between them.


$400 USD / 4 sessions (used over 1 month)

Once you know who your characters really are and what they want, it will be easier to plot your story. Some writers are plotters and some are pantsers (writing from the seat of your pants).  This is more geared toward plotters, but even if you’re a pantser, having the basic acts and scenes established beforehand can save you a lot of time in the end and let you write even faster. Plotters may find it helpful to break down the story from acts to scenes to chapters, and I can help you ensure that each chapter drives your story forward, avoiding slow starts and saggy middles.

Getting It Done:

$475 USD / 5 sessions (used over 3 months)

Need help getting started or keeping going? In the grip of writer’s block? Reached a stumbling point you’re not sure how to overcome? This is where accountability and support can make a huge difference. I will help you set goals and stick to them. I will encourage you without letting you off the hook. And I will put my plot-fixing powers to work to help you resolve whatever issue has you stumped and frustrated. We will get through it together!

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Do you want to mix and match elements of the above packages to create your own customized coaching plan? Let’s do it!

Package of 5 x 45 min sessions (used over 3 months): $475 US

Package of 10 x 45 min sessions (used over 6 months): $900 US

Other Pricing:

$125 US per session for pay-as-you-go

$100 USD to add an extra session to a package