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Just as every author has a unique voice, every editor has a unique range of skills and talents. My greatest strength as an editor is being there as your creative partner and sounding board through developmental editing and coaching. And if you need some snappy cover copy, I’m your gal!

Developmental Editing

As a developmental editor, I am here to help you bring your ideas to life! From plotting and characterization to pacing and story structure, developmental editing is about taking your book from good read to best seller.


Do you work better when you are accountable to another person? Do you want a supportive partner, there to work through tough spots during the writing process and ensure you meet your goals? Would you like to brainstorm story ideas or plotting solutions? I’m here for you!


I write cover blurbs that will capture your audience’s interest and make your book a must-purchase. Compelling copy ensures you receive the audience attention and sales to make all of your hard work worthwhile.