Developmental Editing

As a developmental editor, I am here to help you bring your ideas to life! From plotting and characterization to pacing and story structure, developmental editing is about taking your book from good to fantastic. I have guided authors from initial story concept to award-winning best seller, and I can do the same for you.

Just a note that, unlike copyediting or proofreading, developmental editing does not involve changing your manuscript or correcting errors. Rather, I will leave comments and suggestions in the manuscript and, in the case of a full edit, I will send you a report outlining what is working and areas of opportunity.


Full Manuscript Developmental Edit:

Cost: 2.3 cents US per word. (So a 50,000 word manuscript would be $1,150 US.)

Currently booking for July 2023.

This is the most in-depth service I offer, and it includes a close read of your finished manuscript, where I look at various elements including characterization and character arc, pacing, plot, and writing style. A full edit includes extensive page notes throughout the manuscript as well as a summary of what is working, what could be stronger, and revision suggestions for how to take your book from good to “Oh, wow!!”

Story Concept Evaluation:

Cost: $150 US

Send me up to three story ideas (up to 500 words, total), and I will give you feedback on which I think is the strongest and why. I’ll also include suggestions for how to make your story or stories more marketable and any revisions I think will improve your concepts. This is a great way to save yourself time and money in the long run by getting advice up front. If you prefer to do this together, brainstorming ideas, check out my Story Genesis coaching option, which is only $50 more and includes two coaching sessions.

Plot and Character Evaluation:

Cost: $350 US

Send me your plot and character studies for one book (up to 3,000 words total), and I will provide feedback to ensure you’re on the right track before you start writing—or help you identify issues, overcome stumbling blocks, and point out areas that could be improved even if you’re already deep in the writing process. This includes up to three sets of back-and-forth emails where you can ask questions and run solutions past me. If you prefer to really focus in on each part and develop the characters and plot with more face-to-face guidance, check out my Character Development and Plotting coaching options.